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Order Cancellation Policy

The goal of Forever Leather Jackets is to improve customer service standards. We provide order cancellation policies to ensure that every customer has the best possible experience with us. The policies that are in place for order cancellation are listed below:

. Orders may be canceled up to 24 hours after they are placed.

. Orders once dispatched cannot be canceled.

. orders cannot be canceled that are being customized.


The percentages that are reimbursed if:

. 100% – If the order is canceled with shipping costs within 24 hours of the purchase

. 70% – If the order is canceled with shipping costs within 48 hours

. 0% if the order is canceled with shipping costs  within 72 hours

. 0% – There are no shipping fees if the order is canceled within 72 hours.


The actions listed below must be taken to cancel the order:

. Use WhatsApp to contact customer service.

. Wait for a response from the CSR for 24 hours.

. File a claim for order cancellation to have your order canceled.


It is not necessary to cancel the order if you would like to modify any information, such as the delivery date or address. Instead, you can ask the support staff to make the necessary changes.


Being extremely approachable to customers is important to FL Jacket, as they are a customer-centric company. The established policies support transparent business practices for both us and our clients.


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